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Sound Off! with Cougar Hjelmesesth, of LeftCoastFashion. To read his thoughts on the subject, click here.

I love color, but the only bags I would choose to wear from this bunch are the blue and pink one.

Even though I’m not Catholic, I try to give up something for Lent to test my willpower.  This year it was to not lounge in bed immediately after eating dinner.  That didn’t last long.  Then Kyle came up with a great idea for our next Sound Off topic – if there was one item in fashion you would give up for Lent what would it be?  It wasn’t long before I asked myself that question that I found the answer – large handbags.

As I look through my handbag collection, I noticed most of them were small to medium and the rest large.  I’ve been using the large ones recently but the problem is stuff always get lost in there because I spend minutes trying to find my keys, a pen, candy etc.  I am a very organized person so it can be chaos in that bag after filling it up with a lot of stuff.  Now I use my small to medium bags that are more functional, easy to carry and efficient.  All I need is my cash, camera, lip gloss, keys, phone, business cards and I’m all set!

I’m so glad I made the switch from large to small handbags that yesterday I was on the hunt in the Fashion District to find some colorful clutches to add to my stash.  Unfortunately, there were several that came close but no cigar.  You know when you have a vision in your head for the perfect item and you won’t rest until you find it?  Yep, that’s me right now.  Sometimes I think I need to design my own clutch line since I’m very particular about what I want.  At least I know what I didn’t want as I wandered from store to store, the large handbag which as soon as I saw one I made a beeline and exited left.

What fashion item would you give up for Lent?  Share your thoughts!


Sound Off! is a monthly series with some “he said, she said” discussion on a variety of topics.  I’ve teamed up with my good friend, Kyle (Cougar) Hjelmesesth who has style, flavor, and a sharp mind.  He is the founder of [L]eftCoast Fashion, a commentary on all things creative in the style of West.


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