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Bella Costa Reed Multi Stripe

There are so many types of flats for one to buy and I always prefer style and comfort.  When one of my style sources told me about Bella Costa flats by Reef, I took one look at the line and was ready to try a pair!

Quilted padding with arch support

I got the reef multi-stripe since they were the most colorful with the stripes of every color and they reflect my vibrant sense of style.  I wore them out recently and the one thing that stands out about the flats is the quilted foam footbed with anatomical arch support! I was able to wear these all day and my feet were at ease and made for walking. The bottom of the shoe is fancied after espadrille construction with a durable rubber outsole with Jute inlay.  I got a lot of compliments as well as I was out and about and mentioned the place to snag them.

The Bella Costas are part of a great cause, the ‘We Heart Guatemala’ project. Launched on February 1st, the Bella Costas support the ancient tradition of the Mayan highlands of Guatemala. This shoe launch is also in conjunction with Nest, the nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying and collaborating with responsible artisan business.  Nest works with a network of existing artisanal workshops, globally, to alleviate poverty, empower women and promote peace.

Bella Costas will be available at for $54.


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