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The challenge this week was to create a sports wear look based on a season.  The designers had to face off against each other with two people having the same seasons.  This makes it a little easier on the judges, picking a high and low from each group and eliminating from there.  Did I agree with the high score selections?

Kenley vs. Mondo – Summer

Summer: Kenley vs. Mondo

Didn’t Kenley make this look polka dot look last week but as a dress?  She didn’t push herself at all in this look and I don’t think many would wear this on the weekend.  I love the coral shoes!  Mondo’s look appears more modern and for the city girl ready for the weekend.

Style Goddess Winner: Mondo


Austin vs Kara – Spring

Spring: Austin vs. Kara

Both of these looks are average.  Austin’s look is for elderly women, while Kara’s look is rather simple, but has a pop of color.  Yawn!

Style Goddess Winner:  Kara


Jerell vs. Michael – Winter

Winter: Jerell vs. Michael

So Jerell and Michael’s looks are similar and Jerell accused Michael of stealing his look.  At the end of the day, maybe the colors and type of fabric of the coat are similar, but that is where it stops.  As Jerell’s model walked down the runway it looked like she had too many layers on and somewhat hobo-like.  Michael’s look was more refined and simple, with a nice touch of a leather belt. The only thing that Michael should’ve changed is the shoes, since the leggings of the pumps made it appear very chunky.

Style Goddess Winner: Michael


Mila vs Rami – Autumn

Autumn: Mila vs. Rami

I have to give it to Mila, her cape is interesting and I like the peekabo pockets for the arms! I love the colors used for Rami’s look, especially the blue top which was also seen as a stitching of color in the pants.  Both models look like weekend girls sportswear ready.

Style Goddess Winner: Rami

I wasn’t expecting Rami to get eliminated, but more Austin.  That getup was so plain and boring!  Rami did have issues with the stitching and lopsidedness of the blouse, but he still put together a great look!   And is it me or did Joanna Coles look a little tired on the show?  Till next time!



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