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This week’s challenge was great to watch.  The designers had to find a muse in Central Park and buy clothing off of their back and construct it into something totally different and fashion forward.  At least 50% of the final look had to be from the pieces bought from people and the rest could be from Mood.

From the looks of the designers walking around trying to find someone it felt as if there were slim pickings.  Where were all the stylish NY fashionistas?  It was interesting to see a lot of them were walking around in t-shirts and shorts.  But hey, it’s not about what you pick, it’s about the vision you have to transform your selection into something amazing.

It appears that mostly everyone picked up a color garment except for Mila.  Can she ever stray away from black?  I’ve seen way too much of it. She was safe along with the other girls this week, but I must give Kenley props for making an almost “Mondoesque” look:

Design by Kenley

Even though the dress is mostly black and white stripes, it’s nice to see the yellow and pink pattern contrasts paired with mod sunglasses.  Let’s review a few others:


Design by Rami

I love this business-chic look!  This is a woman on the go wearing a hat bringing the swagger!  The only thing I would change is the purse to red for a little more pop and contrast.  The model is working this down the runway and I felt Rami should’ve won this challenge.  Of course I can see why Mondo was chosen as the winner…


Design by Mondo

Mondo’s design aesthetic is quirky but fashion forward.  He bought several pieces off of people inCentral Parkand made a great look.  Nice mix of colors.


Design by Anthony

When I saw Anthony’s look walk down the runway I thought he was the clear winner.  Then I saw photos online and I changed my mind.  He lost points for not using at least 50% of the clothing he bought off of people.  Plus I don’t think the turban added any spice.  The pants were beautiful and he should have stayed in the competition instead of Jerell.


Design by Jerell

As soon as I saw Jerell’s look walk down the runway, I thought the model was missing a fruit basket on top of her head!  Where in Jehosaphat would you wear this on the streets ofNew York?  The judges should’ve let him go, as in the past 2 challenges his looks didn’t get me outta bed.


Design by Michael

Michael had such a great start with finding a crochet top for inspiration.  But Joanna Coles saw how he was using the crochet on sleeves for his new top and she said it reminded her of doilies.  Ouch.  He scrapped the look and started crafting a sexy strapless number that I couldn’t wait to see the end result.  Once the model came down the runway, the top wasn’t fitted correctly and those hot pants/underwear were a no-no.  I don’t think anyone would wear that outside, maybe inBrazil.

Well, hopefully Michael can switch it up and come back strong next week and I guess it sounds like I’m rooting for Michael!


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