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Can you make a creative outfit in 6 hours? That was the challenge given to the designers On Project Runway All-Stars this past week, where the final product had to be oh-so-fabulous and inspired by a gelato flavor. Gelato is so delicious and has great colors, so I was excited to see bright in the light!  Diane von Furstenberg was the guest judge along with Miranda Kerr who would select one of the garments to wear.  My highs (Mondo & Michael) and lows (Jerell, Kara, Rami, Mila & April):


Mondo's Cantaloupe Look

Mondo’s gelato flavor was cantaloupe and the caftan he created was very chic, flowy and a nice mix of true cantaloupe colors. He was spot on with the accessories and it’s the perfect dress to accessorize!  He was a close runner-up, but I felt he should have been selected as winner.


Michael's Grapefruit Look

Michael had a grapefruit gelato and the color he chose for his garment is more like a muted rose.  His design is sexy, flowy and chic, but I don’t agree with him being chosen as the winner.  I feel the main reason he won is because Miranda Kerr liked that she would be able to breast feed in that outfit.  He does have impeccable skills for sewing though.


Jerell's Fruits of the Forest Look

His gelato flavor was Fruits of the Forest. I see no reflection of that in this dress, more Nuts of a trail Mix.  This hippie look isn’t cute.


Kara's Chocolate with Cayenne Pepper Look

Kara got stuck with chocolate with cayenne pepper flavor.  Being a dark flavor, I would hope there was some color pop to her design.  She brought that, but the dress did look like she was wearing a ruffled carriage.  Hopefully she can redeem herself in the next challenge.


Rami's Kiwi Look

How in the world was Rami safe with this getup?  Inspired by kiwi, the execution and final product looked unfinished in the top.  This looked like kiwi after you chew it up, messy.


Mila's Sour Cherries Look

I’ve had enough of her color blocking, but a part of me likes this look. For her sour cherries inspiration at least she didn’t choose black and white, but she did throw in a black belt and clunky shoe that made the look heavy.  Can she please try something different and get me outta bed?


April's Blueberry Look

April selected blueberry and I was hoping there would be no black in her garment either.  She picked a nice blue and what did she do?  Cover it with black sheer!  I like her initial sketch with the black jersey top but she didn’t find that fabric.  Her dress looked the most unfinished in 6 hours and poorly put together.  It could be wearable for Halloween, but not anywhere else.

Well, that’s the scoop for this week, now go have some gelato! 🙂


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