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You’re ready to get out there and try a new method of meeting “the one.”  You don’t want to force it, but being out and about will help.  You could use some tips but you’re unsure of where to turn.  Enter the book “Always Hit on the Wingman”.  Written by Jake, Glamour’s dating columnist, this book shares dating advice on getting the love life you want with 10 secret rules, one being the name of the book.

I just started reading the book (thanks Glamour!) and I definitely recommend it as one not to skip over!  It starts off with how he became “Jake” for Glamour and how he met the perfect girl “Orange Blossoms.”  Immediately it goes into the rules for finding the love you want in a simple, straightforward way.  Anyone can do it and the key thing is to be yourself.  So grab your copy, find out what men really think and get the love you deserve!

I already have 2 people interested in reading the book and I’m sure there will be more once I finish!  Stay tuned for a complete overview.

The book is available for purchase on


Comments on: "Always Hit on the Wingman – Sneak Peek" (2)

  1. Miss Chin said:

    Pass it over when you’re done! Love the new and improved website, Miss Style Goddess.

  2. Thanks Miss Chin! Glad to hear you’re interested in the book and love the new website.

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