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Paul Stolper and the Moods of Norway Limo

Prior to the opening party of the LA Art Show, I headed over to Moods of Norway to meet London gallery owner Paul Stolper and get a sneak peek of some of the art pieces that would be at the LA Convention Center.

Damien Hirst's "Souls"

On display were Damien Hirst’s Souls, which showcased skulls and butterflies made on foil metallic block.  I love the variety of color used in the different butterflies which would fit any style maven’s décor.

Jamie Reid's "Free the Books"

Another artist, Jaime Reid who is well known for creating a ransom note type album cover for the Sex Pistols had signed prints of “Free the Books” for sale.  I learned that the Kendal Rise Library was being shut down in London and he designed the poster for the campaign of saving it.  The slogans “Free the Books” “Books are Free” and “Education is a Birthright” serve the cause.  Even though it eventually closed, a pop-up library was created which Paul currently volunteers at.

Paul Stolper & The Style Goddess

In true Moods style, a powder blue limo was parked in front of the store which also doubled as the mobile office where I got to chat with Paul.  He got into the art business by hanging out with artists, doing shows and eventually opening his own gallery.  With the goal of breaking down design and fashion in his gallery, Paul is all for providing visual culture.  He feels art, music and fashion are all a part of pop culture and he’s just showcasing that with the artists he selects for his gallery.

I can see why Paul and Moods of Norway teamed up in the name of art and fashion and his pieces are a perfect fit for the store.  Shall we see permanent installations at Moods of Norway?  If definitely can’t be ruled out.


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