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The challenge this week was to design a dress for Miss Piggy to wear on the red carpet.  I don’t have much to say about the episode except that I don’t agree with who won nor who got eliminated.

Michael and Rami were the high scorers for this challenge and I agree with that selection.  Michael’s outfit looks amazing and Rami’s is fun and fabulous.  Even though I prefer Michael’s, the comments made by the judges led me to believe that Rami was the clear winner.  What happened?  I thought Miss Piggy would have the final word and apparently that wasn’t the case or she changed her mind.  Kudos to Michael for making another stellar dress!

The lowest scorers were Gordana and Mila.  Comments were made about Gordana’s dress having a lingerie feel and I can see that, but I must say it is way better than Mila’s mod colorblock dress.  Mila decided that when making this dress she wanted to keep it the design her style and not take into consideration the client’s needs, which was Miss Piggy.  Mila should’ve been eliminated on that premise alone.  Hello, when you get a client that wants you to design a dress for them you have some say, but they pay you to make what they like not what you feel like making.  Gordana was eliminated instead but she will do just fine.


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