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PR All Stars Ep. 2

The theme this week was to create a gown for the opera in 24 hours.  I love seeing the ideas designers come up with for gowns so I was ready to glue my eyes to this episode.  Overall, some were showstoppers and others were stopping you from coming to the show.  My thoughts:

Sweet Pea

Oh Sweet Pea.  I commend you for your joy of using color.  However, what you chose for Opera attire looked more like a flea market find.  Nobody in their right mind would wear that.  It also appeared that the model had a hard time walking in it.  Dismissed.

© Lifetime


Anybody could’ve made this dress and wear it to prom, not the Opera.  No wow factor about it.

© Lifetime


Austin Scarlett was deemed the best gown maker in his season on the show so did he disappoint? Well, I liked the design, but I wasn’t rushing to the Internet to look him up and request he make another copy of the gown.  I don’t think he should’ve been crowned the winner of this challenge.

© Lifetime


Michael on the other hand, won this hands down in my book.  Once again in week 2 Michael and April both pick out the same things from Mood for their look: red and feathers.  Once Michael sees that April has done it again, he switches to black.  Smart choice!  His gown was elegant, sexy, sophisticated and Opera ready.  From the front to back it was a showstopper! The whole look was stunning and my top pick.   And Angela wanted to get that dress.  Note that nobody said that about Austin’s.

© Lifetime

© Lifetime


April, what were you thinking dyeing that gown?  The execution was sloppy, the hair and makeup don’t fit the dress, and you can see major flaws.  It looks like she drenched the bottom half of her dress in a pond of water that happened to be filled with oil.

© Lifetime

On another note, Angela  did a better job at hosting the show and I loved both of the outfits she wore!  The producers must’ve gave her some tips to sharpen her presence and personality on the show.  Thumbs up!


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