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I love, love, love Project Runway.  I started watching religiously since Season 5.  When I heard there was going to be an All-Stars I was counting the days until the premiere.  Then I watched and was left a little disappointed.

First, I was totally expecting Heidi Klum to host the show again.  I love her quirkiness, style, and presence on the show.  Angela Lindvall is the new host and to be honest, I am not sure who she is, but her personality is very dull.  She seems awkward at times and other times what she says feels forced.   Why isn’t Heidi running the show, especially when you have all of these familiar faces back for round two? For America’s Next Top Model All-Stars I was expecting Tyra Banks to host and she didn’t disappoint.  Nobody can fill their shoes, so why start now?

I also expected Tim Gunn to return for this series.  Instead they have Joanna Coles giving fashion forward advice to the designers in the workroom, which seemed a little off.  She is more suited to be a judge and maybe Isaac Mizrahi should dish out the workroom commentary.  Not warming up to her at all in this light, but I’ll give it a few more episodes.

The challenge this week was to something out of conventional items from the 99cent store.  It also had to be inspired by a look that the designers debuted earlier in the show.  It amazes me what some of the all-stars created and that’s what I love is that some of them think out of the box and make it work.  My favorite was a beautiful dress made out handkerchiefs by Jerell.

The design he came up with for this fabric made it seem like it was something you would see on Robertson Blvd.  And yes, I would wear this without hesitation.  However, I can’t say the same for Austin Scarlett’s look.

What is this cellophane, plastic mess? How is this creative? Austin shouldn’t have been safe from elimination.  A 10-year old could totally make this!  There were others that looked hideous, but these two are my high and low.

The judging went very fast and the dynamic between the judges is not flowing.  Hopefully things will change and I’ll adjust to the new cast of the show.  All is fun in fashion and design, so let the battle continue!


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