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Always trying to add more spice to my blog, I’ve decided to start a monthly series with some “he said, she said” commentary.  I’ve teamed up with my good friend, Kyle (Cougar) Hjelmesesth who has style, flavor, and a sharp mind.  We’ll disucss anything and everything in between that tickles our fancy. What a great way to start it off by talking about something we all love, relationships! 
********************************************************************************************************** wrote an article centered around Judd Apatow’s movie called The Five-Year Engagement coming out in 2012.  Would you be engaged for five years?
The act of getting engaged.  Many women and men look forward to that amazing moment when that happens.  That means planning a wedding and setting a date.  How long should an engagement be? Each couple is different and they should decide amongst themselves the duration.  So is a five year engagement too long?
I’ve never been engaged – however, I wouldn’t mind if my engagement was five years.  Some may say there must be something wrong or why wait so long, but why not? Granted if there was a close relative that really wanted to see you married sooner than later or some circumstance where the engagement would have to be a short time frame (religion, baby, work, etc) that’s understandable. Society creates the idea that a relationship should be a certain length before you get engaged, and that an engagement should be a certain length. Who’s making the rules for your relationship?
I feel that the length of your engagement in no way determines the success of your marriage, or frankly anything else.  What does it really mean to be engaged?  Is it you have the urge to get married ASAP so that’s why you get engaged?  It’s the period between your proposal and marriage and it’s what you make of it.  Since I am open-minded to the idea of getting engaged and married it’s not a deal breaker if it doesn’t happen.  I asked some of my friends who are single, married, in between relationships, confused or divorced the same question and the unanimous answer was no – just move it and do it.  Am I the slow one or alone in thinking it’s OK?
I’m a big-time planner and maybe I need 5 years to plan the wedding so I don’t stress out.  Or there’s the dream place to get married and it isn’t available until 5 years from now.  Who knows?  If and when the time comes and the question gets popped, maybe instead of saying the wanted answer I’ll respond with “Yes, are you open to the 5 year plan?”
 Kyle’s Thoughts
The real question is would I still want to marry you if you waited for me for five years?!  Just my two cents, but I don’t know if I could respect a woman who waited five years to marry any guy who had the balls to pop the question, and no follow through. Read more

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