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Glasses similar to the ones I wore in junior high. Now they’re trendy!

I’ve worn glasses since middle school.  Wearing them at first made me feel out of place, nerdy, and blind.  Having a pair break while playing basketball during gym class made matters even worse!  Since there wasn’t any extra money to get another frame, I had to “make it work”.  Have you ever seen someone wearing glasses with the tape on the top corner of the frame?  Well, one those people happened to be me!  Didn’t this type of thing only exist on TV? Embarrassment, shame, and guilt swept over me as I walked around like this.  Then I discovered a more discreet way to fix the broken frame, super glue!

The Vogue glasses I currently wear now – I LOVE them! Model VO2359

Fast forward to 2011 and my glasses are not only a necessity, but a fashion statement.  Having some color or unique design to your eyewear makes all the difference!  Vogue Eyewear has made my last 2 pair of glasses including the current ones I wear now.  In 2008 it was time to select a new frame and I decided to branch out and add a pop of color to my face.  I headed to Lenscrafters and I picked out a two-toned navy-turquoise frame.

Striking a pose in Vogue Eyewear!

I must say these are the best glasses I have ever purchased!  I love the fact that they add some “hipness” to my overall look and that it’s an offset to the other colors or prints I wear.  Not tooting my own horn, but I get compliments on them all the time and if I had a $1 for every time I heard “I like your glasses”, Lenscrafters would be rich.

I encourage anyone who has to wear eyeglasses to opt for color, a cool shape and some spunk.  Long live fashionable frames!


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