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Melt T Glow Lotion candle and box

I attended the Nail Garden grand opening a month ago and there were vendors showcasing items to complement the spa-like experience.  I came across and was immediately intrigued by the candle they were showcasing.  It wasn’t your typical candle that smells good and lasts long, it also went above and beyond by providing another purpose: lotion!


The 11.5oz Melt T Glow Lotion candle provides an oil to use all over your body.  Instead of wax, you get a light scented, non-greasy, tea-infused formula that can be used as a moisturizer in those dry areas such as your heels, elbows, etc.  I loved the fact that this candle gave me instant gratification as I used it on my heels which made them silky smooth and glowing!  This is a fantastic hot-seller that many can use and can also create the mood for that romantic evening.  It comes in six delightful scents and my favorite is the pom-rose.  Also the candle has a 70+ hour burn time, so it will definitely last you for long time! also sells cosmetics, including the popular lip tea scrub which can be paired with the lotion candle.  This lotion candle is a unique product that I suggest you definitely try it out for yourself and indulge in the moment! Besides, it burns from both ends 🙂










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