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Bar at Robert Graham flagship store in Venice, CA

When it’s time to decide what designer I will wear, I don’t really have a go-to choice.  As long as it’s colorful, printed and/or unique I’m a happy camper.  Then Robert Graham comes into my life and I can now give a direct answer!

Robert Graham menswear accessories

I was first introduced to Robert Graham through Brandon Aki during my interview with him on his personal style.  As he described why he preferred this designer, I became more curious about this  line Robert Stock created and what he had to offer.  Celebrating a 10 year anniversary, this New-York city based collection hit the ground running with menswear which includes clever cufflinks with USB ports!

Robert Graham flagship store nestled in a bungalow with a fire pit

After visiting the flagship store in Venice, I understood what made the collection unique and fresh.  The shirts all have a funky-fresh designs that are made exclusively in house, the fabric feels soft to the skin, and the attention to detail on the garments are bar none!  Robert Graham calls his eclectic pieces wearable art which falls in line with aesthetic. Also moving into the women’s arena, Robert Graham has carried over his personal touch to create a sportswear line.

Promise tunic from the Robert Graham womens collection

The women’s sportswear line is full of tops for all types, whether it’s a button down, tunic, or t-shirt.  My favorite piece is the Promise top, which I am wearing above.  This is the type of clothing that you have to see in person to really appreciate the colorful floral print, palette buttons along the neckline, and the light feel of wearing it.  And to top it all off, the signature reversible cuff has a stripe design to add some edge to an already hip tunic!

Knowledge Wisdom Truth inscription on the steps of the Robert Graham store and also on select items

If you’re looking for unique designer that put his personal stamp on his clothing and leaves you feeling like you’re wearing a one-of-a-kind, look no further than Robert Graham!


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