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I’m not Catholic, but in recent years I have always given up something for Lent and it’s usually some type of junk food.  This year the decision was made to do something different – stop reading celebrity gossip.  That meant no picking up a magazine while in the checkout line at a grocery store, no clicking on who is “trending now” on Yahoo!, and no reading TMZ to see who was caught next on camera just to name a few.  These things weren’t done religiously to begin with, but I did catch myself doing it a lot.

So what was done with that time instead?  Found other things that were meaningful to do – meet up with friends to hang out and have a good time, figure out what could be sold in storage, explore Santa Monica.  One thing I didn’t think I would be doing is reading a book that was hard to put down.  That book, Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh has brought so much emotion to me about the life I’ve lived so far and how I can make it better that I wanted to read it nonstop.

Don’t get me wrong — I am a very happy person that has a positive outlook on life and surrounds herself with people on the same wavelength.  But the way that the CEO of described his passion for wanting to create happiness and the journey he took to get it through his career and his personal life was unbelievable.  This book had me crying at times, but they were tears of joy because I had went through many experiences that made me happy and they were mostly unexpected, intangible, and simple.

Many details of this book have not been revealed, so the suggestion is to read it and see for yourself how it will affect you.  It has truly inspired me to never stop short of delivering happiness, but also to continue to be happy with everything accomplished to this point and never close the door on interacting with someone or something new.  What does this have to do with style and fashion?  Taking the risk to move across the country to pursue something you’re passionate about without having a true plan and job, now that’s happiness.


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