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In November I had the opportunity to explore the future of music with the HMMA’s Music in Media Interactive Conference, the exciting Hollywood confab where artists discover new outlets for their music.

HMMA recognizes and honors the “music in visual” mediums, essentially, music as it is mixed with other forms of media, whether film, TV, video games, commercial ads, movie trailers, or music videos. The Symposium on Saturday, November 19th (MIMIsym) offered a solid day of industry insider data and trends with high level discussion panels and one-on-one mentoring. The concentrated schedule covered a lot of ground while focusing on the latest music creation technology, the future of music marketing, and successful promotions in the 21st Century.

The Awards night opening show on Thursday the 18th kicked everything off in LA style. I was on the red carpet along with’s LA Special Events expert, Mark Riva, for a media meet-and-greet and enthusiastic welcoming party.  It was a great mix of style on the red carpet, including animal print, sequins, gowns, edginess, suits to the nine and a black Santa dress!

Latin Artist Winner Luci

I met two nominees who I ended up hanging out with and chatting the night away, Luci and Estrella Cristina.  Peruvian-born, Luci is from Tennessee and she made her dress that she was wearing for the evening.  Kudos to her for really bringing her own personal style and not afraid to show it!  Also congratulations to her for winning the Latin Artist award!

Magnolia & Singer Estrella Cristina

I also had a fun time hanging out with pop-rock singer Estrella Cristina and her awesome sister, Magnolia. They were out and about promoting a song called ‘Believe (Anything Is Possible)’ that has been recently featured on the Style Networks ‘How Do I Look?’ fashion makeover show.

Jim DeCicco, HMMA Executive Producer, had this to say about the entire weekend: “We’re excited to be the pioneers of an event that encompasses so many facets of the music industry, especially as the industry has shifted so deeply into visual and multi-media. HMMA has established itself as the nexus where music in media and the future of music converge.”

A big round of applause to all that participated in the Hollywood Music In Media Awards and congratulations to all on the distinguished winners list!


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