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I attended for the first time the Sassy City Chicks LA Fashion Bash.  It was a shopping event full of deals aimed at fashionistas and style mavens alike.  I attended the media preview, which allowed me to shop an hour before it was open to the public.

Held at the Peterson Automotive Museum on Wilshire and Fairfax, it also doubled as a chance to see really cool rare and classic vehicles.  Even the Batmobile was there!

The vendors sold everything from jewelry, to hats, to clothes, to lingerie.  There were $5.00 bins, super sales and even vendors selling out of vehicles on display at the museum!  I think this is the only time I would ever buy something out of a trunk.

I went for a free test drive with my friend Bridgette in a 2011 Chevy Traverse.  A crossover SUV, its features include a backview mirror, massive cargo space, and one of my favorites, cooling seats!  I’ve heard of heated seats, but cooling them takes it to another level.  Bridgette drove like a pro in the Traverse, bringing us back to the shopping bonanza.

Another bonus at this event was complimentary mini spa services.  Makeovers, massages and eyebrow shaping were available and women were lined up for each!  I was way overdue for eyebrows, so I jumped at the opportunity for that and got fabulous results!

Overall, I had a fun time, got some great deals and enjoyed shopping with girlfriends.  What more could I ask for?


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