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Up until this point I had no idea who won Project Runway.  I didn’t read magazines, I stayed away from the fashion websites, and I plugged my ears while watching the Lifetime channel.  Now that I know who won, I can’t even justify congratulating the winner, I can only sit in utter disbelief as to why Mondo didn’t win.  And also boycott not watching the show again!

Because I am in huge disagreement with the winner whose name shall not be mentioned in this review, there will be no pictures displayed.  Just because the collection was ready to wear and supposedly the future of fashion doesn’t mean that they should win.  Nothing excited me about the line, I wouldn’t call my best friend to wear any of that and it’s all subjective.  But I bet the masses feel that Mondo’s line was more fun, edgy and full of life.  His aesthetic is unique and you know it’s his stuff once you see it.

Heidi Klum has the final say on who wins and from the judging it seemed as if Mondo was the clear winner.  What happened? This was a finale gone wrong.  Even with the extended show time it should have been clear that Mondo Mania was at the forefront!

Observations of this episode:

1.       The Reunion was OK, I thought I saw in the preview that someone revealed something that happened to them since the show that had people tearing up.  Was that my imagination?

2.       A lot of people have asked about a certain person and whether or not she’s a bitch.  Well, the way she came across I count her as one.  You can be confident, but it’s all in how you present it.

3.       The model Teena Marie always looks so sad and tired.  I have never seen her smile until this episode during hair and makeup.

4.       Jessica Simpson put on some weight.  Not judging, just observation.

This has to be an early April Fool’s joke where this Thursday the real winner, Mondo would step forward and take the crown.  He is the winner in my eyes and I can’t wait to see his clothes in the store being pulled off the rack immediately.  If and when I see the winner’s clothes, I’ll probably gag.

Signing off and switching to Bravo to watch Iman’s new show.


Comments on: "Project Runway Finale – Worthless!!!" (2)

  1. Kevin said:

    Completely agree with you. I think what happened is that michael kors and nina garcia were pissed that Mondo ignored their dislike of his final polka dot gown and included it in the final collection. About the only “good” thing frumpy nina said to the b**** of a winner is that she listened to the judges. So it was all about a power trip for the over-the-hill-so-yesterday kors and the poor little mess nina. The “winner’s” clothes are Talbot’s quality at best, certainly not the fashion-forward line the show is supposed to produce. Well, like American Idol of a few years back where the runner-up has a major career and nobody can remember the winner, Mondo will soar and the Gretchen will have a nice office at Walmart doing their ready-to-wear crap.

  2. JRZGRL1 said:

    I think it’s a long stretch to compare Wretchen’s clothes to Talbott’s. K-Mart/Walmart is closer to the truth. I agree that Mondo will be the Adam Lambert of Project Runway. His designs and styling are brilliant. I like him as much, if not more, than I liked Laura Bennett (Season 3) & Leanne Marshall (Season 5). Lousy outcome – I am very disappointed in Heidi Klum that she could not somehow stand her ground & not allow this travesty to occur. Shame shame shame.

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