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Kelly Nishimoto had her 5th year anniversary at the W hotel Tuesday night, bringing celebs such as Karina Smirnoff, Mark Montano and Aimee Teegarden.  By 6:00pm the media was in place at the red carpet, ready to take photos of the fab and fabulous.  There was an open vodka bar and a photo booth where many attendees opted to be.  I was working the event during the first half, but once 8pm rolled around I was able to make my way to the red carpet to take photos of some of the celebs before I grabbed a spot for the runway show.  At 9:30 the show began and the theme of the show was Easy Glamour.

Showcasing her fall/winter/holiday collection with a consumer focus, Kelly definitely made her mark with a mix of lace, velvet and satin coming down the runway.  The models walked the perimeter of the outdoor lounge, on a shaggy rug, showcasing must haves for the season.  Inspired by the environment around her, Kelly gets most of her ideas while she is asleep or on her treadmill.  I get most of my ideas when I wake up or when I’m thinking about something random.  I am a huge fan of the treadmill so maybe I should get on it more and see what ideas flow through me!

Kelly definitely has the right idea, by showcasing what’s hot and available now for pre-order at the end of the night.  Her designs are comfortable, flattering, and easy to wear.  The clothes will make you feel glamorous and they are Style Goddess approved!


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