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The season finale part one of Project Runway has come and gone and it’s time to throw my 50 cents in (not 2 cents). As I was watching the show I started to take notes, but once it was all said and done the only thing I want to discuss is why in world was Gretchen selected to go to Fashion Week instead of Michael C??? I feel like this needs to be reported to the Fashion Police so an investigation can be conducted stat!

I woke up still trying to understand what the judges were smoking to allow Gretchen to compete with Mondo and Andy who are on another level when it comes to style, design, and the WOW factor. Based on this challenge alone, her designs looked cheap and dated. Once I saw all three I wanted call Goodwill and mention they’re missing a few pieces. Here is one of her creations below.

This dress getup is a minuscule step in the right direction, but nowhere near finale status. Still boring and something I would probably find at Wal-Mart. The color puts me to sleep – where’s my blanket?

Then you have this fugly leather jacket with knit bloomers and unnecessary hat that doesn’t mix well together at all. It’s not high fashion, just streetwalker worthy. Where did she come up with this idea? Is it me or does this look like the Sex-in-the City outfit that Carrie wore down the runway? Not original at all!

I saved the best for last, the most atrocious design I’ve seen in Project Runway history:

WHO would wear this besides Gretchen!??! Does this appear to be something you would want to wear out in public and buy in different colors? NO, NO, NO! The patterns are hideous, the pants are NOT flattering at all, and the bag did nothing for the outfit. I wanted to hurl when I saw this come down the runway. Out of all the designs she picked, she thought THIS would make the masses jump for joy and be excited? I could go on and on about how I hate this look, and I am – this is a disservice to fashion designers.  Now take a look at what Michael C. sent down the runway and why he should have been selected over Gretchen:

Enough said.

With the finale coming up this week, Gretchen better have me doing the “Tom Cruise jump on Oprah’s couch” to win me over. I’m setting the bar high because my overall opinion of her designs have been subpar. She’s needs to make it clear why she was picked over Michael C. Andy and Mondo have proven over and over again their claim to be here, but Gretchen has got some serious work ahead of her.

Let’s hope I don’t have to boycott Project Runway.


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