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Sue Wong and The Style Goddess

I hit three Fashion Week parties on Thursday the 14th and was so happy to go to Sue Wong’s Glamour Goddess event.  With complimentary valet parking, I walked up the red carpet where several stars in Sue Wong gowns and dresses were being interviewed.

I checked in and headed upstairs.  Displayed throughout the hallways were black/white and sepia posters of models in Wong’s designs, showcasing a tribute to the Goddesses of the pre-code silverscreen. 

Wong gowns on display

Thirty minutes in there were people everywhere drinking, eating and viewing the glamour goddesses on white blocks in a designated room. It was very impressive, live mannequins wearing long and short beaded gowns and also mannequins on display on the back wall.  Every dress was so beautifully made and so exquisite I wanted to grab one and try it on. Wong was making the rounds, taking photos, being interviewed, and stopping for a quick drink.  I made my way up and I told her that she had a fabulous collection. From Style Goddess to another Goddess, I felt honored to be in her presence.  After we posed for photographs I continued my journey to see what was in the other rooms.

My favorite Wong design!

The next room offered croissant sandwiches, cheeses, crackers, fruits and veggies in an amazing spread that was beautifully displayed. Everything was so delicious!  Another room was full of desserts ranging from cakes to cookies to cream puffs to everything in between. I felt like a kid in a candy store and enjoyed munching on two different types of chocolate cake.  Onward to an open area housing two racks of Sue Wong gowns and dresses along with a few mannequins on display.  Several people pulled out dresses, a few of them jaw dropping. Being such a bright color lover, I thought hands down the amazing royal blue dress with fringe was the one for me.

The night out was one of the best of LA Fashion Week. This embodied a true fashion show with all the glam and glitz.  The world should be looking out for Sue Wong’s next collection!

View photos from the event here


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