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The group is getting smaller and now there are 5 designers.  It’s time to really step up your game and “bring it”!  As a treat the designers get to bond in a posh suite at the Mandarin Oriental.  Each of them spoke of how grateful they were to be there and what their experience has been thus far.  These moments are usually heartfelt, although I didn’t feel that way for any of them except April.  She is only 21 years old and look how far she has come!  Even though nobody is wearing her designs now, I’m sure her phone will be ringing off the hook once the show is over.

The final challenge before Lincoln Center is to design something inspired by New York City.  What a broad range of options!  Everyone had an iconic inspiration to go to except Gretchen.  She felt underinspired for this challenge.  Really?  She wants to make something she would like and make it her own.  Of course you do that every challenge, but you can’t find something to inspire you in NY?

By this point all the designers are feeling the pressure and they’re tired.  For Mondo to take a nap for 2 ½ hours is nothing to videotape.  It’s bound to happen so what’s the big deal? As long as Mondo hits the ground running in the allotted time left he’ll make it work.  Let’s rate the runway!

Michael C. – His inspiration was the Statue of Liberty.  It seems he wasn’t sure which way to roll with that, but in the end he decided to do a plain drapey black dress.  To me there was no wow factor nor was there anything unique about it that made it pop.  He missed the mark totally here.  He didn’t go all out by no means and that will hurt him in the end.

Gretchen – Her design totally looks like her and she stayed true to that.  There’s not really a wow factor there, although the jacket is cool.  She didn’t move from her comfort zone and this doesn’t look like a final project. She has deinfitely run outta steam!

Andy – I love his dress! It doesn’t look slutty at all.  The contrast between fabrics and the line technique across the back is amazing! Looks really polished and the top half of it looks like one of Seth Aaron’s designs.

Mondo – Mondo’s look is just like all his others, and no wow factor.  What’s up with everyone not really bringing it to the last challenge? Black & white, blah, blah, blah.

April – Her look seems similar to a few before, especially the way the top half is designed.  Michael Kors hit it on the nail with his critique.  April does need to add some color to her aesthetic.

Michael C.'s winning dress. What do you think?

As you can see, my critiques were mostly as they were walking out on the runway.  So it seems Michael C. was the clear front runner in this challenge!  The judges totally loved his look and I am no expert, but my opinions are my own.  I want all the guys to go to fashion week, since they all have produced consistently amazing looks.  Andy will bring the edge, Mondo will be playful and colorful, and Michael C. would bring elegance.  It would make for a great fashion week!  Gretchen and April I’m sure will find a home.

The four moving on are Andy, Mondo and Michael C. as I predicted, and Gretchen.  Gretchen is really going to have to step up her game and wow me with some upscale wear.  Til next time….


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