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On Thursday 10.14.10 I attended the CONCEPT LA Fashion Week kickoff party at The Crocker Club.  Located downtown, the scene was quite busy around the lounge, with several people attending other events such as the Art Walk.


One of the muses for the art creations outside of the Crocker Club


The party started at 8pm and I arrived around 8:30.  I thought the place would be packed with people, but it apparently everyone else wanted to be fashionably late.  Before I walked in past the velvet rope, I did notice there were artists out front doing drawings of faces of anyone willing to sit for 10 minutes.  They created some great pieces!


Posing in front of The Vault entrance



Posing in front of The Vault door


With my early arrival, I took advantage of giving myself a tour of the space, which is the former space of a bank.  There were caged rooms with a bench situated all over the venue, with some rooms holding 2 people or 8+.  There was a back lounge room that was quite chill, but it was empty since people were just arriving.  The best room was the Vault room, where you literally step into a vault and walk into a dim lit lounge with semi-private walls.


My Appearance Assessment from Insurgency Inc. , 9++


In one of the smaller rooms a photo booth was setup, compliments of Insurgency Inc. At first glance you think you’re just taking a photo, but seated at the table were 2 disguised men taking notes and giving you an appearance assessment!  I scored high points, getting a 9++ out of 10 for my style.  I was going for the chic with an edge look.  I felt great!


Nicolas Routzen Black Diamond Adolescent Series prints for auction


Fashion Photographer Nicolas Routzen auctioned off limited edition large format prints of his Black Diamond Adolescent Series with proceeds benefiting children in the arts and music.  They were on front display right in front of the vault.


kao pao shu design



Jen Awad performing


Around 9:30 the crowd picked up, with designers, musicians, and colorful people in tow.  Some were clad in kao pao shu designs, while others wore what they felt was perfect for the night. Jen Awad took the stage and rocked her heart out on the mic and guitar.   I met more fabulous people and the only hangup about the night was realizing the car was parked in a garage that closed at 8pm.  I have to be more careful next time and ask upfront about closing time!

Stay tuned for my next fashion event review, Sue Wong and The Millinery Guild event with Mondo Guerra from Project Runway!


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