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I attended the Geoffrey Mac fashion event last night at SKYBAR for LA Fashion Week.  I must say as my first event ever during fashion week I was quite impressed.  SKYBAR is a hip happening, people-watching upscale lounge in the Mondrian hotel.  Fashionistas, models, photographers, designers and male standouts were all a part of the crowd, anxious to get in at the 8:00pm opening.  Once the doors opened, the party began and complimentary Veev drinks were offered at the bar.

Models were poised upon white blocks, posing as live mannequins in true form.  The styles ranged from avant garde dresses to a latex gown.  Latex is something Geoffrey Mac is an expert at using for his design, but he only does it upon request.  The color palette was gold, green, white, cream and navy.  The 14 models all had a different look, but the collection was cohesive.  My favorite was a green strapless dress that had a Star Trek effect on the bottom with the fluttered waist.

Me and Geoffrey Mac

I met several fabulous people throughout the night, including Geoffrey Mac and his stellar assistant.  I asked what the inspiration was behind the collection and it was a mix of architecture from the Sydney Opera House, sting rays and other sea creatures and its history from there.  He’s very cool and down to earth, and I even offered to be in his next show when he comes back out to LA (trust me Geoffrey, you won’t be disappointed).

Eugena Washington, from ANTM 7

I also met Eugena Washington, the second runner up from America’s Next Top Model Season 7.  I immediately recognized her and chatted briefly.  She is definitely doing her thing out here in LA and she looks amazing!  Tyra did her well on the show and she can only go up from here.

Julian, Cathy Hue and The Man in the Hot Pnk Suit

Next, I met Cathy Hue, a TV journalist for several shows including Current TV.  She was also accompanied by her fiancé, Julian Shah-Tayler, a singer-musician  from England.  Cathy had on an amazing coat that she got from Hong Kong.  She says that’s the best place to shop!  I’m adding that to my list of places to travel. They were quite the couple and so fun to hang out with!

Amber and Friend in a sharp red blazer!

Amber works for Forward Fashion, a trend forecasting and fashion consulting business. Her male friend who was wearing a sharp red blazer which you’ll see in the photo above!

Story Afton, wearing her own designs

A stylish woman in her own right, Story Afton has amazing designer jewelry and funky shades.  Hands down she was the most stylish person of the evening which warrants her as Style Goddess of the Day

The Man in the Hot Pink Suit by Moods of Norway

Last but not least, my client, The Man in the Hot Pink Suit was a standout in his Moods of Norway attire.  As soon as he stepped foot in the door he got compliments left and right, and people coming up to him to take photos!  I must say, a dash of color goes a long way and he is man enough to wear all that pink.  It looks great on him and it’s a winner every time!

After hobknobbing, drinking, and watching the models change pose, it was time to head to the afterparty at  Bardot.  We met a fun group of guys and girls that I will call the “glitter team” on our way to the venue and this night was described as a dark circus theme.  I even ran into a friend a I met at Social Media Week!  Bardot was a fun spot and we all had a good time!

Overall, Geoffrey Mac’s line was a success and everyone in attendance had something nice to say about it.  I would definitely wear his clothes and rock his vibe.  Way to go, Geoffrey!


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