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If you love to write, have a blog, or want to share your thoughts with new audience, apply for an open position in your town at You can get paid for what you write, gain access to related events as press and you decide when you want to publish an article.  If you have a blog, you can take your posts and make it an article on the Examiner!

I wanted to spread the word and share this with you so you can become a recognized voice in the field.  I enjoy writing for the Examiner and it allows me to take my blog to the next level!  I’ve already inspired 3 people to apply and they have all been selected! 🙂

To apply, go to, select the city you reside in and then click on the link Write For Us.  See if the topic that you would like to write about is available. On the Personal Info page, when you get to the section “Were you referred here by a current Examiner? Look me up by name, Stacy Gardner.”

Here’s a link to a video for more information

Continue the application (be prepared to include a writing sample) and you should hear back within a week or so.  Good luck!


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