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We’re down to the final 6.  It was so sad to see Valerie go, she had such a great personality but her designs weren’t up to par.  I love when the designers have to switch up their models, which allows them to work with a different body type and adjust to the new dynamic.  It’s not like a designer in real life would stick with one model, right? Change is good folks.

The challenge this week is to create 3 looks for Heidi’s activewear collection.  She brought out examples of her line and I must say there was nothing special about them. They were plain, boring yawn fests that I could find in Kohls.  I hope the designers can take it up a notch and bring the line to life.

Heidi enters the workroom to critique the progress on the creations.  It seems most are intimidated by her and ready to cop an attitude!  I was surprised that Mondo snapped at her.  And then Gretchen was trying to be different with using some other fabric, but Heidi is requesting that she use similar fabric nicely.  It seems Gretchen wasn’t down with that.  Hello she is the boss!  Heidi was only being honest, not rude.  Designers have to realize that not all critiques will be high fives.  There will be some objections and suggestions and it’s only to make your final product better!

It’s nice that they brought back the eliminated designers to help out with this challenge, but Ivy needs to stop accusing Michael of things and just do her job.  She is bossy and mean to him and what is this about cheating?  She’s getting on my nerves.  Tim Gunn squashed that noise because it’s a non-issue that happened in the past.  It seems karma’s a bitch to Ivy because she got something in her yee in the workroom.  Just let Michael do his thing and stop hatin’! Let’s go down the line of the designs on the runway:

Gretchen – Her first 2 looks were OK.  I like the third one minus the biker shorts.  The skirt is long enough, why do you need the shorts?

Andy – I liked all his three garments.  There was some graphics to it, not just plain fabric.  The dress looks so comfy and easy to throw on when you’re in a time crunch.  The short pants on the first style looked a little weird, but other than that, it definitely looked like him.

April – April once again has made some activewear, but for the bedroom! The sheer top short shorts look was not something I would wear outdoors.  The maxi dress looked poorly done and something a homeless person would wear.  The first dress was the only one close to active.  Not too hot on the sheer v in front though.

Christopher – I actually like all his looks!  There is a touch of color, and I could see myself wearing those out everywhere.  He didn’t feel like they were a true representation of him, but I think his line is fun and adds some spice to Heidi’s line.

Michael C. – A little pumpkin in the wardrobe doesn’t hurt anybody!  I liked his look, not sure if the last look is really activewear.  I would consider him safe.

Mondo – His designs were OK.  They stayed true to Heidi’s line, but still a little boring.  I feel that Mondo is the strongest designer and should definitely stay in the competition.

Going into judging, I was completely off.  The judges picked the designs that I didn’t like.  To each their own. So glad Andy won.  He did a wonderful job.  What a way to redeem himself!  Not surprised that Christopher got cut.  His looks were cheap looking.  Oh well!

BTW Heidi’s blue dress was stunning.  I love off the shoulder dresses!


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