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Social Media Week, which took place the week of September 20th, was a wonderful experience!  I was able to meet so many forward-thinking people who have their hand on the pulse of the social media world and beyond.  It was a great time to learn about how social media affects our lives, whether it be personal, business or community oriented.  From the opening party to exploring the user experience to getting “stylized”, every session I attended or heard about was well received. 

The Social Media Mixer, which took place Friday, September 24th at the Newsroom Cafe was a great success for the first event!  We met a lot of people and got everyone talking to each other to network and connect on a social media level.  Surrounded by a casual atmosphere with good food, drinks, and music, the scene was set to expand our mind and body to absorb and create our own personal brand in the social media space. 

So now that Social Media Week is over, what’s next?  I would say, don’t wait until next year to celebrate the week again, let’s make this a year round thing where we can plug into discussions, create community and build on this dragon.  Social Media Mixer has made the commitment to do a monthly event to bring the realm together from online and meet offline.  Where can you fit in?  There is much opportunity out there and I am definitely going to take advantage of it!


Comments on: "Social Media Week – Extended!" (5)

  1. Hi Stacy
    Welcome to LA.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the week…let me know what you have planned to keep the conversation going.
    Take care and talk soon.
    Erick B.

  2. Totally looking forward to keeping the social media conversation going in LA. Keep me on your short list! xo ~Peg

    • Will do! I have a great idea that I want to do monthly in conjunction with retail. I will send you more details once I have the event developed on paper.

  3. Awesome! Totally keep me updated. Let’s keep the Style 3.0 conversation going!

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