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For only being here 2 weeks, it’s no doubt I made the right decision to move to LA and to come at a time when one of the biggest events of the year, Fashion Night Out was taking place.  I opted for the scene on Rodeo Drive, where I’ve never seen so many people at one time on this street.  The fashionistas and brand loyal mavens were out shopping, networking, having champagne and posing for pictures.  The weather was a little breezy, enough for the models to have their hair swinging in the wind, the ferris wheel was twirling around with kids happy with glee, and high-end stores were open for business from 6-10pm, even 11pm for some.

I arrived at 6:15pm, fashionably late.  I was trying to make a strategic plan about parking, but it was already figured out for me – parking was a flat rate of $5 at the parking structures which made it easy for anybody to come and shop ’til you drop on Rodeo Drive.

My first stop was Anne Fontaine.  I was walking by looking for the  store when a woman complimented me on my outfit for the evening.  I handed her my card and she said I should come and check out her store.  I asked where and lo and behold it was Anne Fontaine!  The French designer specializes in white clothing, be it a beautiful blouse to wear out or a collared shirt to wear to work.  Either way, Anne Fontaine’s clothing is a soft texture, sleek and ready to wear.  There were also well-made purses that caught my eye, especially the Scarlett Garance handbag.  Flowers are showing up more everywhere these days in fashion, from rings to earrings to purses.  There was also a contest for the most fashionable of the evening at this Beverly Hills location on Brighton Way and who am I not to enter? 🙂

Next stop was to swing by Cafe Roma where personal brand agent Mark Riva was having a drink with LA’s hottest surgeon, Dr. Raj. I tried the peach martini which was delicious! I could have easily had a second one, but it was time to check out the action that is the attraction of the Rodeo Dr. distraction. I invited Mark to come be a part of the scene, seeing he was fashionable in his own right, wearing a black Porsche Design top, and Hugo Boss pants.

Emporio Armani was packed with people shopping, mingling and hoping to get a glimpse and/or close-up of Samuel L. Jackson.  We walked in as he was wrapping up his talk on red carpet fashion, and as he walked by me we shook hands and said “nice to meet you.”  It felt so natural, like that was supposed to happen!  For once, I didn’t feel star struck, he was that cool.  He left the store and I caught up with him to ask what he thought of my style for the evening.  He said I looked great and at that moment I handed over my business card.  You never know, right 😉 ?

Hermes did demonstrations of scarf tying and there was an employee stitching a wallet.  Hats, ties, bags and purses galore!  Did you know Hermes started out making saddles?  They served some of the finest champagne.  Only at Hermes!

Roberto Cavali was jumping with music, drinks and beautiful people.  His designs are amazing!  There were a lot of shimmy-like dresses, all ready for fall.  DJ Elevatah was spinning the hottest sounds, which had us dancing and drinking bubbly by his turntables for 10 minutes.

The Michael Kors’ store had unbelievable shoes, a stunning  gray sweater ensemble on display and leather couches to totally lounge on.  We both got more champagne (hope you’re not counting how many drinks I have at this point) and just enjoyed the scene.  At one point, this guy thought we were mannequins because we didn’t move much as we sipped our drinks!  It was in this store I also identified a few stylish women of the evening who will be featured on my site to vote on as Style Goddess of the Week.  There was even a little girl who had on the most adorable Tiffany colored skirt that I had to capture on camera.  It was a great night to be out!

There were several food trucks, lined with several people buying all types of savory treats.  Near one of the food trucks was a place to get your photo taken, compliments of Luxe Hotels.  It wasn’t just any photo, it was a flip photo where you turn it to see 2 photos in one!  We also met 2 teachers in line in front of us, one who was celebrating a birthday.  They were so nice and I can’t believe how many nice people I’ve met since I’ve been here!

The store that was the most fun was the Guess store.  Immediately as you walk in, you have models greeting you with a cheer and dance and you can’t help but to join in.  A female DJ was spinning beats on the top floor, as shoppers looked below to the flood of people buying items left and right. Music enhances any experience at a store, so it doesn’t hurt to have it going at all times!  Dancing is encouraged in my book.

Over at Bebe DJ Rani “g” was breaking it down with a saxophonist at the same time.  It was the coolest music collaboration of the night.  Bebe always has the sexiest attire, and tonight there wasn’t anything short of that.

Our last visit was to the Porsche Design store, where we were able to try the pomegranate mojito and see  the attention to detail in all of the Porsche products.  They are skillfully design and tailored to perfection just like a Porsche.

Like all things great, they must come to an end.  Fashion Night Out 2010 on Rodeo Drive will be a night to remember, full of great people, shopping specials, happy faces, tantalizing music and food to fuel the store hopping. Why not have this every month?  Satisfaction guaranteed!

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