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Having the designers create resort wear seems like  a fun challenge, but having another designer execute your creation is another beast.  It was clear nobody wanted Michael C. as their sample maker because of his poor sewing skills. Why is it everyone thinks his skills are not up to par but the judges?  I was glad to see that he proved Mondo wrong with his skills and he admitted to being a jerk.  Now it would be nice if all the other designers would recognize that!

Having Ivy and the other Michael paired together was a disaster.  Ivy is high strung and bossy so that just makes for a bad partnership.  Just the way she had to hover over him at the sewing machine was quite annoying.  And the end result?  Resort wear that looked more like hippie wear.  Ivy hasn’t really stepped up her game, so she needs to bring it from now on.  Hopefully she can do that.

So April was the winner of the challenge and I give her points for having a funky futuristic design in the front, but to me this outfit looks more Victoria Secret-like. Really, the judges like this more?

It looks a little too bedroomy for my taste.  Since when do you wear lingerie for a resort-like vacation? The person who should have won the challenge was Andy!

The bathing suit alone was stunning, but to pair it with the 2-tone wrap made the outfit more versatile.  I loved the colors and it looked well made and full of richness.  Not sure what the judges were on this week, but Andy clearly was the front runner!


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