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I love these episodes where you have to take some type of clothing and turn it into something else.  Looking at some of these designs one would one never know it came from a bridesmaid dress!  I wish I could transform my bridesmaid dress into something wearable…

Well, once again Michael C. reigns supreme.  The other designers are shocked by how he is winning since they claim his sewing sucks.  From what I see I can’t tell.  Now I must say the first challenge he won the dress wasn’t all that original, but in this episode the dress was edgy, abstract and nicely crafted.  I could even see Heidi wearing it!

The designers are just jealous that he’s doing such a great job.  He’s got skills. So the other Michael’s dress got eliminated, and he really did just put mesh over the dress.  Not that creative.  As a designer, you have to be able to work with all sizes, so this is a true test of versatility.  Plus size women like to look fabulous as well, so don’t neglect them! Stay tuned for my “S Curve” line coming to a store near you (thanks Shannon Berry!)  Another bad one was Peach.  It was hideous.  So much so I won’t even put it up here.


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