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Nobody in particular.  The Emmy dresses this year made me yawn.  There was nothing spectacular that stood out.  A few peeks of color here and there, but mostly black and muted gowns.  Let’s roll through some of the gowns and see where some fell short and others made their mark:

Lauren Graham in Yigal Azrouel.  Not familiar with this designer, but the dress is kinda interesting.  I would have done less rings on the fingers and play up the ears with a pair of stunning turquoise earrings.

Paula Abdul in Dolce and Gabbana.  Big fan of his dresses, and even though I don’t wear black much I would wear this. Classy and chic.

January Jones in Versace.  The blue is an amazing color, but the style of the dress on the bottom half isn’t appealing.  And with a dress like this, messy bed hair is not going to complete this look. Also change the black pumps to strappy heels.

Claire Danes in Armani Privé.  I swear I have seen someone in this dress before, but it looks amazing on her.  No accessories needed with this gown!

The Style Goddess award goes to Heidi Klum!  Not being biased because I love Project Runway, but if anyone stands out, it was her.  And Marchesa makes the most beautiful dresses!  I hope to wear one someday…

I love Glee.  I love the character Naya Riviera plays in Glee.  But this prom getup with a horrible hairstyle to match shows her newness on the carpet.  She got it all wrong. Her stylist should be replaced!

Mariska Hartigay looks so beautiful in this Vera Wang gown.  You really can’t go wrong with her designs. The color fits her perfectly, and she definitely gets the Style Goddess approval.

Lo, this looks like something Peach would make from Project Runway to go out to tea.  I think you’re at the wrong event.

Kim Kardashian truly looks like a godess in this Marchesa gown.  I would totally wear this, and maybe change the color to fuchsia.

Stephanie Pratt.  Why is she even here?  Dress is not flattering nor appealing at all.  Take it back!


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