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The 5th episode of Project Runway was crazy good.  From everyone jumping on Michael C. to Gretchen taking the lead on Team Luxe to Tim Gunn putting Gretchen on blast it was a show that needed and hour and a half.

Yes Team Luxe seemed like they had it in the bag being the top designers of the whole bunch.  Bunch once I saw their collection, I thought it looked so boring, unflattering and hideous.  Really, that’s all they could come up with?  And then they have this pity story on the runway and constantly say how Michael C. was the weakest link.  Hello, he’s got immunity so you can’t really bark up his tree! It was the right choice for AJ to go home, since he spent so long on that weird shirt dress that had no part of his flavor in it. However, the worst outfit in the collection was Ivy’s.  Who would wear this fugly getup?  It looks like a Halloween costume gone bad.

Funny how Gretchen switched gears in what she said up there.  Don’t trust her.  I was shocked though when Tim came in and called her out.  She deserved that, so she could get off her high horse and be more humble. All in all, this team aimed high but landed low.  As Michael Kors mentioned, there was no luxe in this collection!

Team Military knocked it out the park.  I liked every outfit and you could tell it was a collection that was fun, sexy, stylish and wearable.  Cassanova’s ensemble was stunning!  I would totally rock this.

I loved the lace detail cutout in the back and the entire outfit was well crafted.  I was glad he didn’t quit.  As I continue to watch season after season, I always learn that designers should go with their gut regardless of what TG says.  Never underestimate the underdogs, because as Valerie says, they could sneak up right behind you and boom! take you by surprise.


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